Selling Your Items for Cash

We Load and sell your unwanted items for you.

Making money can often seem more difficult than ever before. Many people rely on pawn shops and Craigslist ads to get a little extra money when things get tight.

The good news is, you don’t have to hock your computer or your great-grandmother’s prize china to make ends meet. Why not put your computer to work for you?

Send us the following information in contact form below and we load everything on to pricewow.

No need to set up accounts, paypal and start to understand how everthing works, we see to all that.

Upon selling we send your money ,upon pickup of item or postage being received. We take 10% of sale value with a maximum of £10.00 on any one sale.

Sell Book For a £1.00  we charge 10p

Sell a car for £2000.00 we charge £ 10.00

No Sale No Fee

So simple !!!

Here are 5 things you can sell to make money right from the comfort of your own home:

1. Old stuff

If you don’t use it, why shouldn’t you make a little money on it? Selling old household items and clothing you’re not using anyway is a great way to clear out your storage areas and make some cash at the same time!

2. Handmade goods

If you are handy with arts and crafts, you can sell these through PriceWoW. It may not make you rich, but it can make a great sideline income.

3. Old books

If you have a bunch of old books you don’t read anymore, someone else might want them! Used bookstores will often pay you store credit at 50% of what the books can sell for, or 25% of their value in cash. This is another great way to clean house and clean up at the same time!

4. Gold jewelry

With gold at record high prices per troy ounce, it’s a great time to weed through your jewelry drawer or box and get rid of some of that hideous jewelry you inherited or were given by well-meaning but clueless friends or relatives.

Gold’s value fluctuates, but you can expect to make around £40 an ounce or more, meaning you could be sitting on a treasure trove of spare cash!

5. Your business mind

Maybe you have a new take on an old business model, or want to try a new approach to an idea you’ve always wanted to work on. Why not start your own business? The out-of-pocket expenses could go as little as £2-30 a month or as high as your budget will permit. But remember you have to spend money to make money!

Starting your own business can be a very satisfying way of making money on your terms and your schedule. The income potential is really limited only by what you are willing to invest in your success. We help by bulk loading your stock Free!!!