Top 5 reasons as to why you should sell on the PriceWow marketplace.

More and more people are disowning the eBay marketplace and are searching for cheaper alternatives to sell their items on. It can be hard to make a profit on eBay these days with eBay and PayPal’s increasing fee’s, that’s why we’ve brought you Here are the top 5 reasons sellers are ditching eBay and are turning to the PriceWow marketplace to sell their item’s.

  1. No listing fee’s. You can list as many items want and will never be charged for listing a product.
  2. No end of sale fee’s. Zip, zero, zilch! You will never be charged any commission fee’s for item’s that you sell on PriceWow.
  3. Open a FREE PriceWow store.  Are you a business seller? do you have many product’s to sell? then why not open your very own PriceWow Store for free!
  4. Your product’s appear on multiple shopping platforms for free, giving your product’s maximum exposure at no extra cost! when you list an item on it’s will also appear on Bing ad’s, Google shopping & Facebook! bonus!
  5. Accept Payments from multiple payment providers. When you sell on PriceWow, you’re not tied down to accepting just PayPal payments. As an seller on PriceWow you can accept one or more of the following payment providers. PayPal, Stripe, Skrill, 2checkout & PriceWow Escrow payment’s.

So there we have the top 5 reasons of why you should ditch the eBay platform and start selling for FREE on, The best free eBay alternative in the UK.